Practice Areas

Brand Strategy and Analytics

Ignite Your Brand

Artisan gives your company the tools it needs to help your healthcare brand improve patient lives.  We craft commercial strategies, from launch to end of patent, to help you grow your opportunity and win against competition.  We identify metrics that measure your strategy effectiveness, and we support our strategies with operational analytics allowing you to take decisive action. 

Brand Planning – Develop global and local strategies and actions to drive commercial success.

Launch Readiness – Prepare your brand for a successful launch; transform your biotech or early stage device company into a fully integrated commercial stage organization.

Market Analytics – Synthesize secondary and primary information to provide actionable insights, such as market segmentation, marketing ROI, and your customers' buying process.

Forecasting – Customize forecasts to your brand’s market and position in the lifecycle to enable decisions with confidence and clarity.

Claims Analytics – Use sophisticated analytics to better understand your market, improve adherence, make data-driven decisions, and identify opportunities for growth.

Emerging Biopharma

Craft Strategies to Transform Your Company

Artisan helps early stage biopharmaceutical CEOs act decisively on critical strategic issues.  Whether you are making investment decisions in the face of resource constraints, are seeking partners that will help to accelerate your company's growth, or looking to take your company to the next stage, Artisan has seasoned experts who can help you take action. 

Portfolio Prioritization – Make strategic investment decisions in your pipeline by optimizing your strategic and financial value.

Licensing Strategy – Identify which products to out-license vs. develop internally; identify partners that will accelerate your growth.

Early Development  – Instill strategic, competitive, and commercial insight into your early development decisions, helping to ready your pipeline for future development, partnering, and other late stage decisions.

When and How to Commercialize – Understand the logistical, financial and talent capabilities that your company will need to build to commercialize your first product; make informed decisions about partnering with your future goals in mind.

New Products

Develop Products with Exceptional Commercial Value

To be successful in today's competitive environment, healthcare companies must ensure their products are differentiated and have clear, meaningful impact on patient lives.  Artisan’s extensive experience providing commercial and competitive insights for these clinical-stage products helps our clients deliver on the commitment to optimize patient and provider outcomes while also maximizing commercial results.  We support our clients through:

Functional Strategy/Planning – From creation of a playbook outlining the activities and deliverables of the New Product Planning (NPP) function to portfolio prioritization to overall franchise planning, Artisan helps the NPP team optimize their impact.

Product Strategy – Articulating the development strategy rationale and approach is our bread and butter, but we also support cross-functional product differentiation workshops, develop Target Product Profiles (TPPs), and drive indication prioritization and definition.

Market Assessment & Benchmarking –  Through surveillance, clinical safety/efficacy/dosing benchmarking, and qualitative market research, we help our clients ensure they have the most accurate, up-to-date information they need to support strategic decision making.

Forecasting & Business Development (BD) Support – Artisan expertise here ranges from one-week external valuation assessments to forecasting support.

Primary Market Research

Uncover Customer Insights to Differentiate and Win

Artisan partners with healthcare companies to offer customized primary research. We start by using our methodological expertise to truly understand your strategic needs, and we design qualitative and quantitative primary research studies that get to the heart of your critical questions.  We then review the results, interpreting the data from all angles, combining knowledge from available secondary research and adding our own expert healthcare lens.  We don’t just report answers; we deliver an actionable, directional and expertly crafted analysis to guide your decision making.  

Innovative Methodological Focus  – Craft and execute cutting edge, custom qualitative and quantitative research and synthesize primary and secondary data to yield superior, actionable commercial insights.

Global Orientation and Reach – Bring an in-depth understanding of international healthcare systems, local regulatory and market access environments, and cultural nuances that impact the design and execution of research in mature and emerging markets.

Expertise – Leverage expertise across 30+ primary and specialty care areas, with deep experience in areas of strategic priority to the industry, such as  oncology, infectious diseases, rare diseases, gene and stem cell therapies, diabetes, inflammation and vaccines.

Consultation Across Product Life Cycle – Provide strategic solutions that span early product development, launch planning, commercial insights and preparations for loss of exclusivity.

Reach and Experience with Key Stakeholders – Provide understanding of key medical decision-makers and the dynamics that drive their attitudes, behaviors, and engagement with other healthcare stakeholders.

Business Development

License Products That Fuel Growth for Tomorrow

No matter which side of the negotiating table you sit on, Artisan brings guidance and experience to every phase of the licensing process to give you a competitive advantage. We help small biotech companies identify potential partners and develop compelling pitch presentations; for larger companies we find innovative products with untapped commercial value.  When the time comes to make a deal, our years of global commercial experience and financial acumen will allow you to make confident, well-informed valuations and to negotiate from a position of strength.

Strategy and Landscape – Identify the range of licensing options that match your strategic goals.

Commercial Insight – Leverage Artisan's extensive commercial insight in business development decisions.

Opportunity Evaluation – Provide forecasts, evaluate risks, identify potential "showstoppers", and develop financial models and proposed deal terms.

Understanding Risk – Identify sources of risk and develop mitigation strategies.

Crafting Your Pitch – Deliver a compelling commercial story to potential partners.

Global Market Access

Unlock Patient Access Worldwide

Artisan provides insight into the detailed, and often overwhelming, information companies need to drive global market access.  We conduct primary research with global payers and maintain databases of regulatory and reimbursement decisions in more than 15 countries worldwide. Our thoughtful analysis of the regulatory and access environment ensures global healthcare companies succeed in meeting patient needs worldwide.

Competitive Intelligence -  Drive success with our Global Market Access Insights™ to identify competitive strategies and determine acceptance with ex-regulatory and payer agencies in target countries.

Primary Market Research - Gain access to a network of regulatory authorities and payers in key markets in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia who can provide their perspectives on critical issues.

Competitive Analysis - Review country and product specific HTA submittals, reimbursement critiques, and decisions of key competitors to predict and address potential roadblocks to approval and reimbursement.

Drug Approval Pathway - Understand timing and process with an overview of timelines for each competitive products, including average time required for regulatory, HTA, and reimbursement process.

Detailed Deep Dive - Obtain details on product submittals, critiques, and decisions/recommendations by regulatory, HTA and reimbursement bodies within each country.

"Gap in Evidence" Assessment - Conduct gap assessments to identify points of insufficient detail  that, if remedied, would improve regulatory and reimbursement decisions.

U.S. Market Access

Design Winning Local Market Access Strategies

Artisan takes an analytic approach to direct your managed markets strategy to optimize patient access in the U.S. Using sophisticated data analysis, Artisan navigates the wealth of claims, formulary, and Rx information to identify insights and unique approaches which maximize access and optimize investments.  Our extensive experience in payer strategy and market access influences our recommendations, giving our clients a commercial edge.

Payer Analytics & Market Access Strategy - Synthesize sophisticated data analyses, secondary research and payer-specific expertise to identify and communicate insights that address business objectives. 

Pricing & Contracting Strategies – Model pricing, contracting and reimbursement scenarios to optimize brand performance throughout product lifecycle.                     

Specialty Pharmaceuticals – Leverage our expertise in the reimbursement of specialty pharmaceuticals to guide your decisions related to medical and pharmacy coverage.

Payer Market Research – Understand the challenges and future trends payers face and how they may impact your brand.

Data & Reporting Services – Stay confident by utilizing Artisan-pioneered techniques, including data integration, claims and formulary analyses, and surveillance, to analyze and measure pharmaceutical market access.

Supply Chain Strategy

Tailor your Supply Chain to your Customer

With increasing competition among innovative, premium-priced products, companies must enhance their value chain to differentiate in the eyes of global customers. Artisan captures the “Voice of the Customer” to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of global patients, providers, pharmacists, payers, and distributors. We help you utilize these insights earlier in the new product development process, creating a competitive advantage through decisions on product design, packaging, formulation, local manufacturing, and distribution.

Voice of the Customer – Conduct primary and secondary market research and analysis to identify customer requirements across global pharmaceutical markets.

Segmentation – Develop a market segmentation strategy to address the needs of various countries while minimizing the required number of supply chain models.

Product Development and Lifecycle Management  – Design value into the product, its components, and related services